Juan Antonio Melero Hernández

Dr. Juan A. Melero received his Ph D. in 1998 working on the synthesis and applications of zeolitic materials for redox and acid-catalyzed reactions. He undertook a postdoctoral research stay in the group of Prof. G. Stucky and B. F Chmelka at UCSB (USA) working on the synthesis and applications of organically modified mesostructured materials (1999-2000). Currently, he is Full Professor in Chemical Engineering at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and founding member of the High-Performance Chemical and Environmental Engineering Research Group (GIQA; www.giqa.es). During the last 10 years his scientific achievements have been focused in the design of catalysts with enhanced properties and their application in the development of sustainable chemical processes and remediation of industrial wastewaters as well as the coupling of chemical and biological processes for the valorization of biowastes towards the production of biofuels and highly-value bio-products in the framework of Circular Economy. All his scientific career has been supported with a high number of R&D projects funding by public administration as well as collaborations with the industrial sector. It is worth noting that he is currently principal investigator of several projects related to the recovery of waste within the framework of the circular bioeconomy and in consortium with relevant companies in the sector: DEEP PURPLE. European Commission. H2020-BBI-JTI-2018; Reference: 837998; https://deep-purple.eu/. UPGRES. PLEC2021-007761; upgresproject.com. SAFADCAT. Reference: PID2021-122334OB-I00 Project; https://www.safadcat.es/. BIOCTANE. European Commission. HORIZON-CL5-2021-D3-03-03. https://www.bioctane.eu/.

Research profiles

URL Web: https://gestion2.urjc.es/pdi/ver/juan.melero

Keywords: Zeolites; Mesostructured Materials; Fine Chemistry; Green Processes; Wastewater Treatment; Environmental Catalysis; Biofuels; Bioproducts; Biowastes; Circular Bioeconomy.