José Antonio Calles Martín

Dr. Jose A. Calles is a Full Professor of Chemical Engineering at Rey Juan Carlos University (Móstoles, Spain). He studied chemistry in Complutense University of Madrid (1988) and received his Ph D. in 1994 awarded with extraordinary mention, working on the catalytic hydrogenation of n-paraffines with zeolites. He undertook several postdoctoral research in the group of Prof. Alan L. Myers at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia working in simulation of gases adsorption by Monte Carlo Methods. Actually, he is full Professor in the Chemical, Energy and Mechanical Technology. In the las 10 years his scientific activity has been focused on the synthesis and characterization of heterogeneous catalysts and Pd based dense membranes, both applied to hydrogen production. He has published over 75 scientific articles on these subjects in international journals and participated in more than 59 research projects supported by public (30) and private (29) institutions. He has been also author of more than 100 communications to congresses and has been supervisor of 8 Ph.D. Theses. He has been in charge of some academic position such as vicedirector (2002-2008) and head director (2008-20014) School of Experimental Sciences and Technology, and director of industrial engineering master (2016-18). He also has been in charge of research management position as the head of the Technical Support Centre of the Rey Juan Carlos University from 2015 to 2021.

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Keywords: SBA-15; Pd membranes, heterogeneous catalysts, hydrogen production, membrane reactors, steam reforming.