CV - Silvia González Prolongo

Dr. Silvia González Prolongo received her Ph D. in 2003 working on the synthesis and applications of hybrid thermosetting/thermoplastic blends. Currently, she is Full Professor in Materials Engineering at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and founding member of the High-Performance Materials Science and Engineering Research Group. During the last 10 years her scientific achievements have been focused in the development of new smart and multifunctional resins, nanocomposites, and polymer composites. The development and implementation of new recycling processes, innovative heating sources with lower energy consumption, and design and synthesis of reversible thermosetting resins contribute to the serious problem of the non-recyclability of these materials by favoring their sustainability in the framework of Circular Economy. All her scientific career has been supported with a high number of R&D projects funding by public administration as well as collaborations with the industrial sector. It is worth noting that she is annually included, since 2019, in the Ranking of the World´s Top 2% Scientist, elaborated annually by Stanford University, in the scientific fields of Materials, Polymers, and Chemistry.

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Keywords: Thermosetting Resins; Polymer Composites; Green Manufacturing Processes; Recycling; Smart and Multifunctional Materiales; Reversible Bio-based Resins.