Joaquin Rams Ramos

Dr. Joaquin Rams received his Ph.D. in 1998 at the Department of Physics of Materials at the UAM. Then, he joined the Department of Physics of Materials of the UCM for one year and joined the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in 1998, where he is a Full Professor in Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering. He also made research stays at Stanford University for several months in 2011 and 2012, and predoctoral and postdoctoral ones at Sussex University (UK). In recent years, his research has focused on additive manufacturing of metals, biomaterials, and coatings. The materials manufactured additively include Al, Mg, Ti, steel, and composites, using LPBF, L-DED, and LWAM. The biomaterials studied include resorbable implants made of Mg, Fe, Fe-Mn, Zn, PLA, and hydrogels manufactured by casting and 3D printing. He also develops coatings for corrosion, erosion, and wear protection for the transportation and energy sectors.

He has published more than 150 papers and 7 patents, has led more than 40 public and private projects, has worked with companies such as AIRBUS, ACCIONA, REPSOL, FAGOR EDERLAN, among others, and developed a ventilator for critical patients with pneumonia by SARS-CoV-2. Stanford University includes him in the World's Top 2% Scientists List.

He currently leads the following projects: Additive manufacturing of metals with controlled biosorption by magnetic fields for medical applications – MAGNETIZADD (PID2021-123891OB-I00); Recycled aluminum for the sustainability of the transportation sector through additive manufacturing and its corrosion protection – RECICLADD (TED2021-129849B-I00); Sustainable processing of metallic materials through additive manufacturing and artificial intelligence-PROMETIA (PLEC2023-010346).

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Keywords: Materials Science; Additive Manufacturing; 3D Printing; Coatings; Biomaterials; Composites; Aluminum; Magnesium; Steel; Titanium